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Carole Kinoti

Carole is a fashion designer based in Kenya with 15 years’ experience. She trained at Woodgroove Fashion College (2001) and launched her fashion career shortly thereafter. Having faced so many challenges as a creative, Carole sought to better understand and manage her business by enrolling into the Manager Programme at Strathmore Business School (2015).
She is a wife, mother and a visionary business woman who aims at changing the scene in the fashion Industry.

We began in 2005 as Lacasa Designs, a made to measure concept, which worked for at least 11years. It was very successful but very involving, expensive, exhausting; among other typical challenges that start-up designers face.
Meeting new people every day and making many women’s dreams come true as we created beautiful attires gave us a lot of satisfaction but the challenges in the background were enormous!
In 2015, La Casa Designers rebranded to the CK Collections under Carole Kinoti Brands which enabled customers to conveniently buy ready-made outfits.

At Ck Brands, we believe in blending your attitude! We thus create authentic and creative outfits that express how you feel about yourself in whatever setting and make a statement.
We have a variety of lines as follows:
• Ck Ready to wear line
• Ck Corporate uniforms
• Ck Furnishings

All along, the Ck Brand has been about creating authentic and unique products that accommodate all women regardless of body size and shape, age, financial status or even career.
The Hariri Collection is a trademark collection that incorporates different silks and chiffons from different parts of the world.
The Rafaela Collection an exclusive line with a higher quality of silk and chiffon based material. It is the more high end and luxurious line of the two Ck lines. The collection was inspired by the modern busy woman and allows her to express herself whether in the day-to-day operations, events or weekends. It gives her the option of both casual and formal wear with a natural feel and easy flow.

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